The beautiful Bird

The beautiful Bird had lovely plumage, an elegant beak, and long legs.

And it sang songs with a wonderful voice, balancing gracefully on a perch, because the bird had an iron cage, beautifully painted in the color of aquamarine. ..Once, when a window was opened, a forest Squirrel came to visit Bird to listen to her singing. Having rubbed the fur of her fluffy tail the Squirrel asked: – Birdie, why don’t you fly to open spaces, hover over foliage of trees and make everybody around happy with your singing? But I’m fine singing here. Besides, sometimes I can see outside the window how it rains heavily or how it blows badly.- You are strange, – objected the Squirrel and put her nimble paw into the cage. And your kernels are not better than those I tasted in the woods, – Squirrel crunched her mouth full, – there is even much more delicious and you can gather more. But I don’t have to gather anything here, I sing and they bring me some corn, – objected the Little Bird and decided to stretch her clucked legs on the perch, but they were long and the cage didn’t allow to stretch them fully – and what are you doing with such long legs? – The Squirrel squinted at them and continued eating grains from the generous Little Bird.-Nothing, I mostly use them to hold on to the perch, – the Bird looked at the legs and then at the Squirrel in surprise, -and why do you ask? -I have seen some birds, with such long legs. 

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They dance with them very beautifully when spring comes to our land. And they can wade in the shallow water and find treats at the bottom. And also … – I’m not interested yet, – suddenly the bird sang irritably.

And in her eyes flashed fear.- What are you suddenly afraid of? – I’m not telling you anything bad, – I saw in the window, – I saw in the window, – Cats were catching birds and eating them. That’s awful! Well,” said the Squirrel, “there’s always someone hunting everyone. Me, too. But I can jump from branch to branch, and if anything, I can even bite. – You don’t have to,” laughed the Squirrel, “You can peck a Cat in the eye with your beak so hard that it will be a sight for sore eyes.

And you can also run away with your long legs, or you can fly away with wings! – Little Bird said thoughtfully, – I’ve never flown in the open air. – Exactly, – echoed Squirrel, – and never soared in warm currents of air over the sea or wood.-Bird sighed and yet stubbornly repeated: -I am here and I am well fed… The quick Squirrel was not tired with her reasoning and questions: – Listen, Little Bird, and if ever you stop singing? Well, something happens and that’s it… – I don’t know, I haven’t thought about it,” Birdie whispered, shifting from foot to foot.

She felt anxious and frightened again. Instead of you they can get a new bird, and then … – No, shut up, shouted Bird, I do not want to know! – As you want, my friend, stay here, but I have to go free. I have to pick up some nuts for the winter. – The bird has sighed, sadly looked at the trough and confessed: – You know, Belochka, recently I want to sing less and less.

And more often I want to spread my wings and to wave them freely from the soul.- So what is the matter? – Let’s open the cage and let’s run away on freedom.” The bird, uncertainly, tapped the latch of the cage with her beak. But the Squirrel pushed back her beak and with nimble paws opened the bar.A pair of newly made friends escaped through the open window to freedom.

The bird spread her wings and flew away. The breeze played in her feathers, the sun warmed her back. And her feet! At last she could stretch them out to her full length. – Ah! How nice,” cried the bird to the Squirrel below, “I’m flying! I can see everything! I’m free!!! What do you think, dear reader, what will happen to this desperate Bird? No one can know her fate in advance.

But if she stays true to her desire to live free, if she continues her friendship with Squirrel and finds many more new buddies, living as they want, not as someone dictates conditions, then our Bird will surely live happily ever after!