My yoga teacher

A few years ago I had the privilege of spending a few days with a wonderful man whom I have great respect for.

He has many different talents. One of his main qualities is his ability to concentrate and get the most out of his work. You have to admit that not everyone can be a lawyer, an artist, a yoga teacher, a rabbi, a dad of 8 kids and… support for so many people in his surrounding. He created a style of yoga in which he combined the letters of the Hebrew alphabet with yoga poses.

He conveys a group of movements with sacred words and phrases using body language. His name is Audi and the movement is Kabbalah Yoga.

During my journey with Audi in Houston, I witnessed another of his talents: the ability to interpret names in the holy language of Hebrew.

My birth name: Yaroslav. Audi knew me before that by the name Arik, which I successfully received upon my arrival in Israel 馃槈.

The interpretation of the name Yaroslav 讬讗专讜住诇讘 was the seed of what has been germinating in recent years. Yaro if read backwards 专讗讬讛 is to see, s is the letter 住 住诪讱 means sacred, and lav 诇讘 means heart. It turns out that my name means the sacred ability to see from the heart 鉂わ笍.

From that day on, everything has taken shape. This realization became the core of my being in this beautiful world.


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