About Yaroslav

I conduct my consultations in English, Russian and Hebrew.

I was born in Ukraine in the regular Jewish family. Very fast I had to learn how people relate to each other either at home, at school or any other type of communication.

I felt hatred of being a Jew, jealousy when I became the best student at school, fear of seeing and feeling things and not being able to say NO. Very quickly I have developed different ways of handling it by spending time outside playing soccer and other games, studying at school and helping my classmates. When I went to the pioneer camp I became a leader of the group. Very fast I learned to adapt my abilities to the circumstances.

When I was 15 my parents moved to Israel. I was admitted to the class of the gifted kids. I graduated the school with the very high average. I participated in all possible youth activities in my area and led some of it.

The girl that I was dating and loved didn’t attract me. The studies I wanted to do (Accounting) I failed an exam. When I lost my loved one and studied in the University I could hardly relate to people. I had birthday parties of 50 people and I felt lonely. I didn’t have a girlfriend. I was following the pattern of rejection and got into strong DEPRESSION. As it usually happens in these days I was admitted to the Psychiatrist who prescribed me medications. It partially helped and I was able to graduate my BA of Accounting and Economics. After graduation I went to New York and Montreal and actually fell in love with Montreal. I decided to move there one day. When I came back I decided to switch my career to computers as this profession would allow me to immigrate faster to Canada in that days. This is what I did. I started to work in the telecommunications company that also gave me the opportunity to travel around the world. I was living in the parents house for another year and then rented an apartment with another roommate.

During my military service I served as a Youth Educator leading groups of teenagers in their preparation to the military service activities.

And then… the program that I was thinking was right started to show signs of discomfort.

I had panic attacks but I felt that this was the way out of that “connection” that I had that didn’t allow me to be free. I spent days and nights without really connecting to this world. The medication dose went up but I didn’t give up. I remember one day the doctor gave me a stronger medication and I was driving a car. That day I could hardly relate to myself and was lucky to stay alive.

I decided to shift my focus and start changing my habits. I started to date girls, at work participated more in different activities, reduced communication with my family and old friends, visiting them only on the weekends. The Universe connected me with an amazing individual who was using hypnosis and the shift started. I reduced 3 times the dosage of the medicine. I met a girl who later on became my wife. I applied for immigration to Canada.

I moved to Montreal in 2002 after getting married. I was taking minimal dosage of medication and started to advance in my life in Canada. I became a manager in the same company I worked in Israel. I sponsored my parents and my sister with her husband immigrated too. I became a father to two beautiful kids.

And then… Suddenly my relationships started not to be the same as before. We lost almost all of our friends. The kids demanded a lot of time. I decided to dedicate a lot of time to my family. We had a house that required a lot of attention. We used babysitter services to help us.

Though I felt all the time that pressure either from my parents or from my wife on how things should be. I had my perfect family thinking and I allowed them to be the authority. Until one day the depression came back, blood was coming from some parts of my body and many other symptoms. I found myself being lonely when being surrounded by many people. Some of you may find it familiar.

And then… my real journey started. I had a friend who was going through tough times too and he recommended me a book. I read it and realized that there are others like and there are different ways to see life. My parents with former soviet vision didn’t like to expose what was really go on. And I believed it was the right way. And suddenly I saw an alternative! When I had a conflict with my wife I asked my mom, and the opposite. Everyone seemed to b my best friend and trusted advisor. But they could easily relate to each other but not with me. I felt like I was the one to blame for anything what was going on no matter how much I was doing. I attended a few sessions by famous psychologist in my neighborhood. He charged me 150$ per hour an remembered to remind me about partially covered insurance. After 5 sessions I decided it was enough. The only thing that he could say was that the problem was not with you but maybe others. Then I found Hooponopono that actually claims for taking full responsibility that 100% resonated with me. In the letter the founder of it signed AO that corresponded with my other name initials (Arik Oks), I bought some books of Joe Vitale related to this technique. And then I couldn’t stop. I found an amazing homeopath who helped me after a few years to discontinue medications.

I started to attend different groups and courses developing my intuition. I couldn’t believe how the information can be captured by water, until I had that experience of reading someone field by the bottle of water he was previously carrying. I started to do yoga and discovered amazing teacher and friend Audi Gozlan. I started to find friends all over the world who had same willingness towards purity of heart. Every course I attended I was attracting individuals who believed in me and helped me to develop my skills even faster. One day I decided to start practicing my abilities and saw some amazing results. People wanted me to stay their advisors. I thought I was doing the right thing but later on I relised that most of them had to be said NO, as they never wanted to change and used me as a source for themselves without proper energy exchange.

I had to learn my own wat to approach things after learning many Tarot decs and principles behind it, Numerology, being introduced to Astrology and many other modalities. The main thing I learned is to create a SPACE of LOVE where my clients were magically transformed. The words were coming through me (some people call it channeling) and my clients were able to see their situation from a different angle. If applying it they became happier and lighter.

It was working!!! When I was young I wanted to be a psychologist. And here and now I was able to combine the knowledge from many sources and being able to offer much more than that.

In these days I have organized a group of likeminded people who are providing similar services to the clients. Their abilities are far beyond what is being offered on the market. The goal is not to make money but having a happy client. Like in Hooponopono: it is not that the same client comes for many years but there are many clients that require sometimes only one or a few visits to fully transform their lives and find a direction.

I am grateful to be part of the beautiful journey called LIFE and grateful to share it with YOU.