Each realization has its timing

Each realization has its timing…
Now… I’m finally coming to the realization that everything I need to know is in me.

 I’ve been chasing information for so long… One day in class with a teacher I had blindly trusted, I got really sick. In a state of absolute trust in the process, I realized for the first time in my life…through panic…. through pain, that the only and most helpful teacher is me. I may have received the right information, but was I ready to hear it? How was it presented? What was the atmosphere like in the classroom? What was the safety precaution of the teacher?

I didn’t ask myself those questions at the time… and I got caught… Ended up with energy depletion.
Lately, I’ve been paying more and more attention to the patterns. And the interesting thing is, attitude of course is important, but in what situation??? What is the foundation of that pattern?

Do I fit that pattern? Am I standing up for myself? At the time, I had the experience that my main caretaker was myself. That day with that teacher I set myself up… that day I betrayed myself.

Today I realize this and declare that I am the master of my life! I am finally free. And it’s that simple.
Choose your teachers, and remember that the main teacher is YOU.


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