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When people ask what I do or how I define myself my answer is that I create a space for others to become to the better version of themselves in the space of purity and love. I help people to find simple solutions to the complex situations (or what they thought prior). I believe that each individual is the source of the beauty and light that sometimes is hidden far beyond the layers of the old patterns and behavior.

I have been studying with many amazing teachers all over the world and I am blessed to have many happy clients who were able to change their lives by creating their own new vision and leaving behind the old concepts that didn’t serve them anymore.

My personal experience allows me to offer my clients alternative way of thinking that in many cases contradicts with the traditional concepts. I am not a healer or a psychiatrist, I am not a numerologist or Tarot card reader. I learned many techniques and I use it in my practice. But I learn to follow my INTUITION before I do anything else. One of my teachers once said: “I use some instruments, like cards or Runes, in order not to scare others”. My other teacher was able to connect to the required information about the person by just connecting to the vibration when somebody else pronounced that person name.

I feel Endless Love to my beautiful kids who help me to feel the vibrations of the New World. By BEING who they ARE they help me maintain that sense of direction in the rapidly changing environment.

I am grateful to be part of this beautiful journey full of Love and Joy and all those who trust my ability and allow me to be their channel to Happiness and Love.

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I am grateful to be part of the beautiful journey called LIFE and grateful to share it with YOU

In these days I have organized a group of likeminded people who are providing similar services to the clients. Their abilities are far beyond what is being offered on the market. The goal is not to make money but having a happy client. Like in Hooponopono: it is not that the same client comes for many years but there are many clients that require sometimes only one or a few visits to fully transform their lives and find a direction.

Yaroslav Oks

Space of Love

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Space of Love Team

An Awesome Team of Body & Soul Therapists

I am blessed to know amazing PEOPLE that resonate with my vision and help others to transform. Each team member is a truly representative of PURITY of HEART and LOVE. We represent different directions, use different instruments and cover multiple aspects of life.

Energy distance healing, Reiki master, Massage therapist

Elena Andreeva

Energy Therapist

Will help from a pawn to become a queen

Natalia Peshkova

Personal Development Coach

A beautiful life story interpreter, taro, runes, numerology

Tatiana Varlakova

Space Magician

Healer, Chinese Medicine practitioner, kids space creation specialist

Shelly Pustilnik

Space for kids creator

Love space therapy using tarot, runes, the destiny matrix and other instruments

Elena Komarova

Love Life Master

Space of Love administrator

Oksana Polishchuk




On personal way of transformation in this beautiful journey with many happy clients


Alternative approach to the clients

Our specialists approach the clients from the heart space helping them to transform and find happiness in their lives


100% Satisfaction guarantee

Initial 15 minutes free consultation with unique approach for collaboration in the future


Stable & Predictable Results

For those who take RESPONSIBILITY for themselves and are open to happiness


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Unique approach to every client based on the situation, creating a safe space for absorption and transformation

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Ability to have a consultation from your home using one of the preferrable communicators

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We are always available for you and our specialists are located all over the globe

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To find the answers to:

The way to happiness starts with finding path to YOUR personal light and openness.

The vibration of the newly born kids requires different approach than the one we were taught

We will help you to recover after stressful experiences for it not to bother you anymore


Every third person in the modern society takes antidepressants or have anxiety disorders. You don’t have to be part of that group but live happy and healthy life.


Guaranteed results

We work with the clients who are ready to take responsibility for themselves and are open to the changes in their lives. If the client is ready to open the doors to happiness and love the results are guaranteed


International experience

Our specialists are located in United States, Canada, Russia, Belarus, Israel, Italy and help clients in many languages with deep connection with client culture, religion and geographical location


Unique Approach

All sessions are conducted in the Space of Love allowing the clients warm, safe and trusted environment. Every client will be offered the information to the level of his understanding, absorption and willingness to transform

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Arik is devoted to the highest wisdom. He can gather his knowledge, as he is devoted to integrating many modalities, and draw it down through his physical body. Rare are the people who cultivate the physical as much as they cultivate the mind and spirit. When combined they allow him to share and speak his truth for your uplifting and well-being.

Jennie A
Happy Client

You know what’s attracted my attention the most? It is Jaroslav’s energy of love and acceptance without evaluations and judgement. He opened my eyes to the things and events which are happening in my life now, he gave me advice which work !

Olga B.
Happy Client

Sometimes to reach the maximum development of YOUR potential you need a helping hand from someone who has access to the universal wisdom! Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance and be ready to receive the guidance you need!
YarosLOVE is an amazing sensitive person, who can help you see your true self and leave the limiting believes behind!

Tatiana R.
Happy Client
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